Gardening for herbs and health
A series of advanced perfumery workshops and masterclasses written and compiled by Lara Jonastottir & Dr Dilis Clare.

Learning aims:

Explore and evaluate if herbal medicine is trustworthy form of health care and explore the relevance, applications, limitations and outcomes of using herbal medicine in modern day living. 

Learning outcomes:
The student will be able to - Define herbal medicine - Describe the basics of herbal medicine - Differentiate between allopathic medicine and herbal medicine.



The Accredited Foundation Course: Using Herbs for Treating Common Illness Using Dr. Clare's Blends


This course is now accepting enrolments

Here are some important points before you start the process of enrolling. 
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A short course in how to sit properly by Alexander Technique Specialist Alazne. 

She will take you through an instructional video and offer some supporting material. Then she will offer a short quiz to test your knowledge

A certificate of completion will be awarded.