Dr Clare’s Academy  presents a system of herbal medicine based on traditional indications for the use of medicinal herbs.


Dr Clare’s Blends, scope and limitations for healing.


The herbs are dispensed as blends of herbs that support each other and restore comfort and facilitate healing. Herbal blend actions  have additive and synergistic effects in returning to normal homeostasis.

It is presented as a systematic treatment approach based on herbal physiological system assessment in a context of modern scientific evidence and traditional empirical scientific evidence.


Training is based on an understanding of the herbal actions that would be helpful for common dysfunctions of homeostatic balance in the body’s biochemical and physiological balance. The healing intention is that these altered homeostatic states are more readily restored to balance by the restorative effects of medicinal herbs.


The core functions and systems of the body are demonstrated by how they manifest with health problems affecting: Sinuses, Digestion, Recurring infections. Allergies, Hormone Imbalance symptoms including menopause, premenstrual syndrome and heavy periods, Skin Disorders including acne and eczema, Stress and Insomnia etc.


Dr Clare’s Herbal Blends focus on helping mild to moderate dysfunction of these symptoms for people who have had a medical assessment to exclude serious health diseases and who are not taking ongoing medication. These blends offer different but effective options for treatment.


For people on medication or complex medical problems consultation can be arranged with an experienced medical herbalist on Dr Clare’s team. These can be in person or Skype/Facetime or Zoom virtual consultation. Go to Dr Clare Clinic website to learn more.


For more significant medical problems herbal medicines may be prescribed by an experienced Medical Herbalist who is an accredited member of a publicaly incorporated professional body. The benefits of collaborative care maximises benefits for patients.