Lara Jonasdottir

Lara Jonasdottir is a qualified Medical Herbalist who offers herbal consultations in Galway alongside Dr. Clare. Lara is a mother of two young girls and she loves working with herbs, as well as cooking, singing, music, handcraft, art, floristry and so much more.

Lara first became interested in herbs for their medicinal effects during her floristry training in the Agricultural College in Iceland. This led her to move to London to obtain a BSc in Herbal Medicine from the University of Westminster. Since graduating from University of Westminster, Lara has undertaken further herbal medicine studies including a 2 year Herbal Medicine training programme provided by David Winston, a leading Herbalist based in the US as well as an ‘Herbal Medicine for Women’ course provided by Dr. Aviva Romm. Lara furthermore holds qualifications in massage and reflexology.

Professional membership:
Lara Jonasdottir is a member of both the Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists (IIMH) and the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) and actively engages in continuous professional development.
Phone: 091 583260
Facebook: Holistic Herbal Care / Lara Jonasdottir



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